Intellectual Output (IO2)

“Alternate Intercultural Communication Guidebook for Trainers who Teach Migrants”


It is clear that international migration has increased significantly in recent years and the goal of this Intellectual Output (IO) is the creation of guidebook for trainers who teach migrants at adult education/migrant education centers. This will include the use of emotional intelligence, dialogue, migrant integration, cooperation, empathy technique, prevention of discrimination and intercultural communication which will help them to teach better and have better communication.

Each module will contain a detailed description of the topic, with the aims, instructions and guidelines that will help trainers to interiorize each topic. The guidebook will be structured according to the numbered module and includes a narrative summary of key learning objectives for each module, and also includes a list of background resources. Of course, it is important that trainers use their judgement and take into account cultural norms and practices or levels of seniority for each group of participants before applying this guidebook.

Video Presentations

Chapter 1 Analysis on the needs of the adult schools
Chapter 2 Emotional intelligence AND empathy techniques 
Chapter 3 Female Migrants
Chapter 4 Migrant integration AND intercultural communication
Chapter 5 Dialogue, cooperation AND prevention of discrimination
Chapter 6 Teaching migrants’ techniques: Best Practices, Activities and ExamplesCh