Intelectual Outputs

Two intellectual outputs (IO) are produced.

Intellectual Output (IO1)

“Digital Tools for
Social and Occupational Integration of Female Migrants”

will be produce in the context of immigrant women’ needs. We will develop a digital application for immigrant women and also employers will also be able to use this tool. This tool accelerates the integration social of the immigrant women and their digital competences. The digital tool will create workforce communication opportunities between immigrant women and employers.

Intellectual Output (IO2)

“Alternate Intercultural Communication Guidebook for Trainers who Teach Migrants”

aims to create a guidebook for trainers who teach migrants. This will include the use of emotional intelligence, migrant integration, cooperation, empathy technique, prevention of discrimination and intercultural communication. This will be also delivered to policy makers to disseminate these from local to national level to increase integration of migrants.